You Belong Here

Grades: 5th - 10th+

We all long to belong to the family of God. At The Covenant, we want students to feel like they are more than just welcomed here. We want students to feel they belong here in our church community and to Christ himself.

That's why we make sure Every Student Belongs to a Small Group. We believe that life change happens best in the context of a relationships in a small group. So, together, we gather each Wednesday night for inspiration and each Sunday morning for education.

September - May

Youth Group

Middle School / High School 6:00pm - 7:30pm, Wednesday evenings. Fun, friends, deep talks and real prayers, worshiping, serving, and growing together.


Middle School & High School 9:00am-10:15am
The Bible is central to all we do at the Covenant and we are committed to the students having the tools to read and learn from it.

  • 5th-6th grade - CONNECT
    A two year run through the whole Bible to begin understanding the larger story.
  • 7th Grade - Christ
    Explore the life and teachings of Jesus.
  • 8th Grade - 1st Year Confirmation
    Explore the entire Old Testament, studying the ancestors of our faith.
  • 9th Grade - 2nd Year Confirmation
    Explore the entire New Testament, plus  mentoring relationships the second semester.
  • 10th+ Grades
    We encourage older high school students to get involved and volunteer with the worship services or with kids ministry. We also have a Bible study option that looks at issues of the day.
Youth classes at church
Youth Group at Covenant
Youth gym

Three Words

When it's all said and done, though, our hope is that students will walk away fully embracing and living out three words that we consistently teach through out all grades and environments:


God extends grace to me. I will extend grace to others. We all need and live by the grace of God. We strive daily to embrace it, live by it, and extend it to others around us.


God has given me a new identity. I will search for it nowhere else. Only God can define who we are and our identity as Christians is found in Christ alone. We strive daily to live life based on our true identity as Chosen and Changed Children of God - not based on our relationships, our circumstances, our successes, nor our failures, sins, and tragedies.


God works in the world through me. I will work in the world with him. God has given every Christian the "ministry of reconciliation," the job of loving and serving others and helping them develop a trusting relationship with Jesus. We strive daily to live out this calling on our lives, denying ourselves for the sake of fulfilling God's desire for the world.

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