Our hope for you is that you’ll become fully engaged with the life of our church; learning, growing,
worshipping. And, that you’ll build meaningful relationships with others that will encourage
and sustain you in your life’s journey—at whatever life-stage you might be.
We’ll do everything we can to help. Your part is to jump in as best you can. Here are some steps
you should consider along your way to becoming fully engaged here.

1. Welcome

We're glad you're here. Be sure to stop by the Information Center for more about our church, to find out what our current class offerings are, and to register your family.

2. Pizza With The Staff

A short lunch with the staff after church offered once a month, this is an opportunity to meet the staff and hear more about the church and its ministries.

3. Join A Group or Class

Join others to grow in God's Word and enrich your faith and family.

4. Give and Serve

Everyone gives something. Everyone gives regularly.

5. Explore Dinner

A 2-hour gathering over dinner offered every 3 months to discover more about our beliefs and how things work. This dinner can lead to church membership which gives you a voting voice in the church.

6. Fully Engaged

Engaged with the life of the church on a regular basis. Share the joy of your church community with others by inviting them.