Tuesday Women's Study - Matthew

Septmeber 14th - May: 9:00 am

Contact: Kari Termont, #218-368-6148

This group is open to all women. Child care is available! They will participate in the True Spirituality study and then move into a Jen Wilkin's study on the book of Matthew.

Tuesday Women's Study - Faithful. Abundant. True

September 14th - May: 9:00 am

Contact: Kathy Quamme or Celeste Skogerboe, #210-444-7775

This group will study is titled, "FAITHFUL. ABUNDANT. TRUE." This study will challenge women to faithfulness, trust in God's ability, and help learn how to discern truth from error.

Tuesday Women's Study - John

September 14th - May: 9:30 am

Contact: Barb Hall, bjhall@hotmail.com

This group will be studying the book of John! All are welcome to come join for friendship, connection, and growing in God's word through care and support.

Thursday Women's Study - Zoom

September 16th - May : 9:30 am

Contact: Maura Johnson, mjohnson@paulbunyan.net

This zoom study will be covering the book of John! You will be emailed a study guide each week and ask that you prayerfully consider each chapter and discuss with the group.

Friday Dad's Group

September 17th - May: 6:30 am

Contact: Doug Giese, Doug@bemidjicovenant.com

The purpose of this group is to strengthen men's relationships with God & family.


Bethel Women's Study

3rd Tuesday of the Month @ 1:30 pm

Contacts: Wilma Palm, Carol Persons, &

Harriet Tesch, #218-444-8053

This group is doing the book of Philippians. They welcome new members & would love to have you join! Each lesson is followed by a time of fellowship and dessert.

Sarah Women's Study

4th Tuesday of the Month @ 5:30 pm

Contact: Laura Woolliscroft, #218-686-6909

This group meets in a private home setting with a light meal and conversation. They will be studying "Jesus In Me" by Anne Graham Lotz.

Senior Adult Bible Study

2nd & 4th Thursday of the Month @ 9:30 am

Contact: Eric Graham #218-760-2889

This group is studying the book of Romans beginning with chapter 4. Powerpoint slides are used to help illustrate historical and geographical information.

Covenant Book Club

3rd Tuesday of the Month: 7:00 pm

Contact: Jim Fretheim #218-444-7738

The book clubs reads a variety of literature as they seek to discover more about themselves and the world in which we live. Join us as them as they discuss a verity of books in this coming season! The first book this group will be going through is, "The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek" by Kim Michele Richardson.


Sunday Classes

Family Village

September 12th - May: 8:45 – 10:00 am

(In the Gym)

Contact: Doug Giese, Doug@bemidjicovenant.com

Family Village is made up of young couples and parents of kids and youth. They meet together with purpose of building community and growing closer to Christ. You are always welcome!


Loving Our Kids Well

Wednesdays at 6:30 In The Cafe

Contact: Doug Giese doug@bemidjicovenant.com

Parenting has great rewards and huge challenges. Parents and Grandparents can learn a lot from each other. During our time together, we will take a glimpse into who we are and how that impacts how we build relationships with others which includes our kids and grandkids. We will take a deeper look into the complexities of parenting the next generation hoping to gain confidence as parents and grandparents to help the next generations discover the importance of an authentic relationship with God.

A Walk Through Romans

Wednesdays at 6:30 In The Seminar Room

Contact: Jim Fretheim #218-444-7738

You are invited to join in what Gordon Fee calls, "A Walk Through Romans." This letter of Paul's to the Romans is not an easy read. Some have claimed it to be the most important book of the bible. In this class, the walk through Romans will not be tedious and will not stop to turn over every rock that is encountered. Rather, we will move at a steady pace. Paul argues that love is for everyone who will receive it, both Jew and Gentile. Please join us on our journey through this important letter!