Weekly Bible Studies

Tuesday Mom's Group - James

September 22nd - May: 9:00 am

Contact: Kari Termont, #218-368-6148

This group is open to all women and child care is available! We are studying the book of James this year with a book from Jen Wilkin.

Tuesday Women's Study - 1 Peter 

September 22nd - May: 9:00 am

Contact: Kathy Quamme or Celeste Skogerboe, #210-444-7775

This group will study 1 Peter, A Living Hope in Christ by Jen Wilkin. The focus is God-discovery and loving God with your heart and mind. This study uses a DVD and a study guide!

Tuesday Women's Study

September 22nd - November 10th: 9:00 am

Contact: Barb Hall, bjhall@hotmail.com

This eight-week study is titled, Third Calling, What are you doing the rest of your life? by Richard and Leona Bergstrom. Lessons are taught through the lives of many Bible characters and are designed to help you intentionally discover your purpose and calling for a new season of lie.

Thursday Women's Study - Zoom

November 12th - December 10th : 9:30 am

Contact: Maura Johnson, mjohnson@paulbunyan.net

This 4 week study will cover one chapter of Philippians each week. A weekly study guide will be emailed to participants who will be asked to read the chapter, complete the study guide and participate in Zoom discussions. We will discuss and learn together from God’s encouraging words in Philippians.

Friday Dad's Group

September 25th - May 14th: 6:30 am

Contact: Doug Giese, Doug@bemidjicovenant.com

The purpose of this group is to strengthen men's relationships with God & family.

Other Small Groups & Studies

Bethel Women's Study

September 22nd - May, 3rd Tuesday of the Month @ 1:30 pm

Contacts: Wilma Palm, Carol Persons, &

Harriet Tesch, #218-444-8053

This year we are doing the book of Isaiah. We welcome new members & would love to have you join us. Each lesson is followed by a time of fellowship and dessert.

Covenant Book Club

September 22nd - May 3rd, 3rd Tuesday of the Month @ 7:00 pm

Contact: Jim Fretheim, #218-444-7738

We read a variety of literature as we seek to discover more about ourselves and the world in which we live. Join us as we discuss a verity of books in this coming season. The 1st session on October 20th will discuss The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. The 2nd session starting November 17th will discuss The Five Wishes of Mr.Murray McBride by Joe Siple.

Sarah Women's Study

September 22nd - May, 4th Tuesday of the Month @ 5:30 pm

Contact: Laura Woolliscroft, #218-686-6909

This group will be exploring the Women of Faith videos. We will watch the video together and have discussion. Coffee and treats will be served!

Senior Adult Bible Study

2nd & 4th Tuesday of the Month @ 9:30 am

Contact: Eric Graham, #218-760-2889

This group is studying The Seven Churches of the Revelation. Coffee and snacks precede the study time. Everyone is welcome!

Sunday Classes

Family Village for Couples & Parents of Youth

September 20th - Dec. 20th: 8:45 – 10:00 in the Gym

Contact: Doug Giese, Doug@bemidjicovenant.com

Learn together! Through Bible studies, topical studies, parenting & marriage enrichment topics you will be encouraged and inspired along in your faith, marriage & parenting journey. Care for each other! Weekly prayer requests are shared. Care is initiated for each other! Serve together! As needs arise, plans are made to serve together. Fun together! Potlucks, camping events and evenings out are just a few activities that are planned by this group. Come to the Gym and meet new friends! No class on Nov. 29th.

Adult Class on Romans

October 18th - December: 10:45 - 11:45 in the Cafe. 

Contact: Eric Graham, #218-760-2889

Join this adult class after church on Sundays to dig deeper into the book of Romans. The class will cover Romans chapters 1 - 4 and will meet in the Cafe. Contact Eric with any questions! 


Wednesday Adult Classes

Interpreting the Parables

Wednesdays at 6:30 In The Cafe

Contact: Mark Hovestol, mhovestol1@yahoo.com

The Gospels are filled with truth that is central to our Christian faith. Parables help us understand some of that truth, During our time together, we will take a deeper look at each story hoping to gain an understanding of how to apply to our lives the rich truths contained in these provocative stories of Jesus. Please come and join as we study and learn together!

Adolescence is a Gift

Wednesdays at 6:30 In The Seminar Room

Contact: Scott Nyegaard, scottessin71@gmail.com

Adolescence is not only the process designed by the Creator to bring children to adulthood, it is also designed by the Creator to provide something essential for parents during correspondingly critical years in their lives. This insightful study by Eugene Peterson, Like Dew Your Youth, offers an understanding of parent-adolescent relationships that will promote an atmosphere of communication, growth, frankness, forgiveness, love, and harmony in the home.